1218 Global Leadership Team

Nick McCune
Chairman & Founder

Operating from three continents, 1218 Global provides strategic guidance, leads with vision, and invests capital to ensure that the 1218 Family of Companies delivers expert professional services to a diverse clientele.

Our promise is to deliver the transformational power of technology on the right platform, to meet the needs of the business with discipline, methodology, innovation, and expertise.

<a href="./rob-acuna-chief-strategy-officer/">Rob Acuna</a>

Rob Acuna

Chief Executive Officer
<a href="./kim-wells-chief-operating-officer/">Kim Wells</a>

Kim Wells

Chief Operating Officer
<a href="./mark-crist-chief-delivery-officer/">Mark Crist</a>

Mark Crist

<a href="./vince-blockley-director-emea-1218-uk/">Vince Blockley</a>

Vince Blockley

Practice Director, EMEA and APAC
<a href="https://1218global.com/vivek-sharma-director-apac/">Vivek Sharma</a>

Vivek Sharma

Director, APAC
<a href="https://1218global.com/craig-roe/">Craig Roe</a>

Craig Roe

Bullhorn Practice Director