Welcome to SAP SuccessConnect 2018: Insights from Las Vegas

SAP SuccessConnect 2018 got underway in Las Vegas this week with over 4,000 customers and 864 Partners in attendance, plus more than 4,000 people attending virtually. Greg Tomb, President SAP SuccessFactors opened the convention with insights into the market and how business is evolving. Stating early in his address, Greg noted “Customers have choice. If we don’t treat them with white glove service, it will not be a world-class experience.  All of us basically “say the same thing” to our customers but Strategy and Messaging are the keys to success.”

Key Points:

  • SuccessFactors is experiencing a 25% customer growth rate with 6,500 customers and 100 million application users worldwide.
  • This is a global human revolution with massive investment by the biggest companies in the world because at the Board level, they demand improvement.
  • A shortage of talent is driving growth with smart companies investing in people – attracting, enabling, retooling.
  • 40-50% of payroll dollars are now spent on contractors, 3rd parties, and GIG Economy employees who desire flexibility and reduced hours. Technology works for the entire workforce.

Intelligent Enterprise:  Seamless processes across applications, around people, and in finance, compliance, and operations, all in real time. In addition, the intelligent enterprise now has the opportunity to predict what will happen in the future. We bring intelligence to our customers through analytics.

Mobile UI: Heavy usage & dependence with customers who want good applications and communication for HR Teams and Managers across the business. This is how they communicate and socialize, and they expect it on their mobile device.

Partner Portal:  The new SAP Partner Delivery Community will make organizations/teams more successful in front of customers. Ability to find information, answer questions, without having to wait.  SAP SuccessFactors is truly a partner-centric organization. The only way to be successful with our thousands of customers is through our partners.

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