SuccessConnect 18: Innovation and Solution Management with SuccessFactors


Denis Tournesac, Senior Vice-President, Global Head of General Business and Tak Kusano, Vice President, SuccessFactors presented how SAP is out-innovating the competition. Their focus is on Product and Engineering, Innovation and Extensibility through SAP’s partners and creating the foundation, best practices, and processes, to ensure SAP leverages their vibrant eco-system of great solutions.

  • Software Sales create a bigger pipeline for partners. The Digital Store leverages package implementations into app center. The Upgrade2Success was launched last year, sponsored by IBM and Deloitte. Other Key Initiatives include Cloud Jump Start for faster ramp up. GDPR and Resellers are creating new channels.
  • Professional Certification Transformation – Add perceived value by SAP and the market itself by revamping around the idea that the market must put a value on certification. Digital Badges Identify people in every transaction (message, signatures).
  • Cloud HR Portal Compliance Review – Partners engage in transactional mode. The system of records to manage the partnership. Dropped partners off the eco-system and kept those who are reliable, renowned partners. SAP wants partners who INVEST.
  • Services
    • Value Assurance – Willingness to collaborate, genuine interest around value assurance – Mandating VA. SAP SF has skin in the game. Feedback has been very positive. A positive step forward.
    • Partner Implementation Guide – Launched in Feb 2018. Help partners move from on-premise to cloud. Developing how to create a cloud-focused organization.

The Partner Management Team is continuously thinking about improvements for partners. This is what inspires SAP.

Solution Management

Brian Brandau, Senior Vice-President, Solution Management, providing his perspective on the SuccessFactors product, says “Moving toward 2020, there has never been a better time to be an SAP partner than now. There are opportunities in every area, and in every way, through SAP creativity app development. The goal is to provide incredible customer experiences, innovative talent management, and insightful re-imagined analytics.”

  • Intelligent Recommendations – Personalized and relevant for each member of the workforce. Practical, based on what we know about an employee, such as learning history, and what employees self-select as topics of interest. Powerful, enabled by SAP Leonardo machine learning.
  • Reimagined Talent Experience – Invigorated employees will grow and bloom through intelligent, guided career growth and development. A fresh, personalized experience to view performance and recommended activities are provided in one place. Growth profile, growth check-in’s, and intelligent learning recommendations foster more engagement and provide a comprehensive, elegant experience for employees. We call it Total Rewards Management.
  • People Analytics – Enabled by SAP Analytics Cloud Report and Insight Center, this offers a simplified, single place for suite-wide reporting and insights. Intuitive, guided experience to create, manage and share content. Click-thru to take immediate action on data-based results.

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