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Success Stories:

2018 Q4 – Testing Services (UK Staffing company)

One of our existing Managed Services customer has signed up for Testing Services to assist with UAT of customizations, Payroll statutory updates and Patch releases applied through Selective Adoption.

2018 Q4 – Sirenum/Salesforce implementation project (Ireland Staffing company)

A new customer has signed up for a Sirenum implementation with plans to roll out across multiple areas of their business early next year.

2018 Q4 – Sirenum/Salesforce implementation project with custom VMS (UK Staffing company)

A new customer has signed up for a Sirenum implementation and the development of a new VMS function, integrating with the Sirenum/Salesforce platform.

2018 Q4 – 2-years Extended PeopleSoft Managed Services (Global Reinsurance Firm)

An additional 24 months Managed Services has been secured, for this GOLD PeopleSoft FSCM customer, with plan to apply application and tools updates early next year.Success Stories:

2018 Q3 – New PeopleSoft Managed Services (Global Accountancy Firm)

A new Managed Service customer signed up for GOLD PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM and Infrastructure support, plus an incident triage service.

2018 Q3 – Extended Managed Services (US Staffing company)

Following a successful 12 months support, this large staffing company has signed up for a further 12 months support of their PeopleSoft application and infrastructure.

2018 Q3 – New Salesforce MSaaS (US Travel Company)

New support deal won, to provide Salesforce Managed Services as a Service to a US travel company. The service covers general support and small project developments for their Salesforce lightning implementation.

2018 Q3 – Extended Managed Services for PeopleSoft in the Azure Cloud (US Staffing Firm)

Additional 12 months platinum support service signed, to support the clients PeopleSoft solution and its Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, for this rapidly growing US staffing firm.

2018 Q3 – Fieldglass to PeopleSoft integration project (US Staffing Firm)

1218 Global secures a project to integrate Fieldglass project and time-entry details into PeopleSoft, to automate the process of Bill generation and Payments, via PwP (Pay when Paid) functionality.

2018 Q3 – Extended Managed Services (Global Staffing company)

One of the largest staffing companies in the world, has extended the support of their PeopleSoft Global Payroll system, following a successful first year of support.

2018 Q3 – Extended Managed Services (UK Retailing company)

One of the largest Retailers in the UK has extended the support of their Legacy PeopleSoft systems with us for a third term, supporting their Finance, HR and Payroll.

2018 Q3 – Service Cloud implementation + ServiceNow integration:

1218 Global successfully implemented Salesforce Service Cloud within two months, completing a full transition from ServiceNow to Salesforce Service Cloud. The implementation included importation of legacy data, configuration, global time zone support, full functionality with workflow, notifications, Dashboards/Reporting and global SLA support, and development of a bilateral integration with a 3rd Party ServiceNow instance.

2018 Q3 – PO solution for FinancialForce implementation (Retail Company)

1218 Global provides analysis, design and development solution to solve a FinancialForce integration issue for a US based Retail company.

2018 Q3 – New PeopleSoft Managed Services (Police Force)

A two-year Managed Services contract has been won, to support the PeopleSoft infrastructure and HCM application for this client.

2018 Q2 – Infrastructure and Database Performance support (Staffing Company)

A large US staffing company has signed up 1218 Global to provide long term performance support for their server infrastructure and databases, which will also include support and direction for a data centre move, planned for Q3-Q4 this year.

2018 Q1 – Salesforce Billing and Invoicing project (Staffing Company)

Salesforce development project to develop new billing and invoice functionality, including integration to QuickBooks.

2017 Q4 – Infrastructure Support (Global Accountancy Firm)

Recognised as leaders in the PeopleSoft field, 1218 Global-EMEA was approached to review the client’s PeopleSoft infrastructure and put together recommendations to resolve a list of long standing issues. We are now working with the client to implement the recommendations and we are already seeing vast improvements.

2017 Q4 – Salesforce Sirenum project (Staffing Company)

New development project to deliver additional time capture functionality and processing.

2017 Q4 – Salesforce Sirenum Implementation (Holiday Booking Company)

Sirenum implementation project, with SMS functionality, new colour themes, additional workflow rules and more.

2017 Q4 – UK Salesforce Division

1218 Global – EMEA expanded their Salesforce capabilities by opening a UK Salesforce division and recruiting additional senior and junior staff to join the existing UK team. With our decades of experience implementing large scale Staffing, HR and Finance solutions and providing Professional and Managed Services globally, we have already received significant interest from the Salesforce community.

2017 Q4 – Pay/Bill Solution Review (Global Staffing Firm)

As a leader in the Implementation of Staffing Industry Pay/Bill solutions, 1218 Global – EMEA was approached by this client, to review existing Pay/Bill processes and requirements, and then find a best fit solution for the client.

1218 Global – Managed Services

Following our companies’ expansion into Managed Services in 2014, we have experienced rapid growth and added many new capabilities. Our growth is driven by a portfolio of successful projects and an expanding client base. We are proud to have received numerous awards as a result of our work.

2017 Q3 – New Gold Managed Services Contract (Staffing Firm)

Based on previous project work and our reputation in the PeopleSoft Managed Services market, 1218 Global was approached to provide support of this client’s PeopleSoft HR, North American Payroll, and Financials solution including Security Maintenance, Report Writing, and Extract Process Development Services.

2017 Q3 – New Gold Managed Services Contract (Global Staffing Firm)

One of the largest staffing companies in the world selected 1218 Global to support their PeopleSoft UK weekly and monthly Payroll System. The client required an organization with a proven track record in PeopleSoft Payroll which is a specialty of 1218 Global. The decision to select 1218 Global to support their needs was a logical choice.

2017 Q2 – New Platinum Managed Services Contract (Staffing Firm)

Following a successful project to move the on-premise PeopleSoft Financials system onto the Azure Cloud, 1218 Global won a Platinum Managed Services contract with the client. This was our first delivery of the PeopleSoft solution on the Azure Cloud. This capability adds another dimension to our portfolio of services.

2017 Q1 – Additional Services for Existing Managed Services Client

One of our largest Managed Services clients expanded their existing 1218 Global contract to incorporate support of their aging PeopleSoft 8.3 and 8.4 systems which still run part of their business alongside their large and complex 9.2 implementation. This commitment to 1218 Global is a clear indication of their level of satisfaction with our quality and service.

2017 Q1 – New Managed Services Contract (National Staffing Firm)

1218 Global was awarded the Managed Services contract for one of the fastest growing US staffing firms in support of their PeopleSoft 9.2 implementation.

2016 Q4 – Fluid Development Project (National Staffing Firm)

Following successful presentations of Fluid ‘Art of the Possible’, 1218 Global secured a project to develop Mobile functionality, which includes advanced resource search functionality using resource criteria including certifications, physical GPS locations, and a set of Fluid-enabled and Mobile-friendly KPI reports and dashboards.

2016 Q4 – UK Oracle User Group – PeopleSoft Partner of the Year Award

1218 Global was nominated for the PeopleSoft Partner of the Year Award by the UK Oracle User Group, an independent group that represents the interests of Oracle users in the UK. This was the first time 1218 Global participated in the Oracle Partner Awards and we were pleased to have won the Bronze Award.

2016 Q4 – 1218 UK Team and Office Expansion

As a result of our rapid growth, our team expanded in numbers and we moved into a larger office suite. This move confirms our commitment and ongoing investment in building a great company that provides premium services to our growing client base.

2016 Q4 – PeopleSoft in the Azure Cloud (Staffing Firm)

1218 Global, with its experience in Cloud and re-platforming PeopleSoft systems, was selected to partner in transitioning the client’s entire PeopleSoft landscape to the Azure cloud. The project was completed on time and included Development, Test and Production systems with full failover and redundancy built in, all on the Azure Cloud. After go-live, the client moved directly into a 1218 Global Platinum Managed Services contract.

2016 Q3 – New Managed Services Contract (National Retailer)

1218 Global secured a new contract providing a large UK retail company with Gold Managed Services support for their PeopleSoft 9.0 Finance, HCM, and large weekly Global Payroll system. The service includes keeping this client up to date with statutory updates that are no longer delivered by Oracle on the 9.0 release.

2016 Q3 – Upgrade Lab Project (Global Re-Insurance Firm)

A new Upgrade Lab project was initiated for one of 1218 Global’s existing Platinum Managed Services clients. The upgrade moved their global installation of PeopleSoft Financials from version 9.1 to 9.2. The 1218 Global Upgrade Lab methodology is a tried and tested methodology that is now offered to clients at a fixed price. Following a short parallel run phase, the client successfully went live on PeopleSoft 9.2

2016 Q2 – New Managed Services Contract (Global Shipping Firm)

Following the on-time and on-budget PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade for a global shipping company, 1218 Global secured a Managed Services contract to keep this client up to date with PeopleSoft Updates. 1218 Global will continue to apply the latest PUM images to their global PeopleSoft Financials system.

2016 Q1 – New Managed Services Contract (Healthcare Staffing Agency)

Following the successful implementation of 15 PeopleSoft 9.2 modules by our Professional Services team, this large staffing company client signed a Gold Managed Services support contract with 1218 Global. This complex implementation included the Payroll, Time and Labour, and Pay/Bill modules, and is integrated with SalesForce. Support also covers the complex infrastructure and federated authentication across the systems with SSO.

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