Data Migration is Not That Difficult

Heather Fuller
Global Delivery Manager, 1218 Global HR Solutions

As a consultant, I am always asked by clients what they should be focusing on at the beginning of an Employee Central or Employee Central Payroll project. When I get this question, I usually smile, because you may already know the answer. You may have already asked that same question during the sales cycle, talked to other companies already using the EC and ECP solutions, or attended sessions under the bright lights of Las Vegas at SuccessConnect.

The answer I give every time is data, data, data….

Whether you have no existing, disparate or one human resources system of record, the idea of identifying what data is needed, ensuring the data is cleansed, creating the load templates and dealing with the results of the loads can be a daunting amount of work. This is one of the workstreams of a project that literally keeps team members “up at night.” However, I have seen the data loads and migration done very well by using the following tips:

Start Now

Start your data migration process right now. Even if you have not chosen a software or implementer, the sooner you start, the better. Identify your data sources and start to understand the data you will be migrating to your new system. You may add some custom fields during the requirements phase, but there is a large amount of data you can already assume you are migrating.

Own It

We, as consultants, can assist you in understanding the data migration process and provide you with tools, tips and templates, but you should have ultimate ownership of your data. I like to follow the “See one, Do one, Teach one” methodology and work closely with my clients on each load of data into the development and test environments. My goal is that you are doing your data loads with little assistance from me by the time we reach production migration.

Assemble a Team

The data migration and data load processes are very time-consuming especially during certain key phases of the project. In addition to getting started right away, assemble a team to assist you in the data migration process. This is very beneficial during the data validation phase, template validation prior to load, and validating data once loaded. I have personally been a one-person team completing this work and it was very difficult. It also puts the project at a higher risk. Regardless of your company size, it is important to engage as many stakeholders as possible to be part of the data migration team to ensure your success.

Data Integrity

Data cleansing and data integrity are likely ongoing processes for you. Data should always be reviewed prior to migration to a new system. Data that is not correct can cause errors on the data loads, especially if you have a lot of associations and data dependencies in your system. It is just not good practice to load data without reviewing it first.

Finally, the great news is that Employee Central continues to evolve. More logic is being built into the system that helps with the data migration and load process. You can set your system up to kick off business rules so that data is synced to the employee record upon upload, thus reducing the level of effort that you spend on the more detailed data load templates. This is a huge benefit for you and can save you a lot of time with file preparation and reduced data load errors.

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