Dallas, TX


North American Operations

Dallas is the Corporate Headquarters for 1218 Global and worldwide operations. Finance, Strategy, Human Resources, Recruiting & Resource Management, and Marketing are headquartered in our 4,500 square foot building in historic East Dallas. Located at 4112 Swiss Avenue, the building was constructed as an Artist Studio and Living Quarters in 1923, and sits adjacent to several National Register Historic Districts. Renovation has transformed this historic space into a global business center to help power the growth of the 1218 Global Companies worldwide. This strategic expansion provides powerful external evidence of how we are evolving as a Family of Companies and driving our successful brands on a global basis.

1218 Global services are available to North America through the Dallas Headquarters.

Corporate Headquarters
1218 Global
4112 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX  75204

Phone: +1 214.826.1218