Business Opportunity Has No Year-End

The end of the year brings with it a sense of accomplishment for all that was achieved in 2018.  The accountants scramble to finalize the numbers and everyone looks forward to the start of a new year. After all, 2019 brings with it the promise of continuing growth, expanded market share, improved profit, and the next big business opportunity.

But what is that next business opportunity, where will it come from, and when will the company find it? Maybe it is stuck in the holiday traffic or has slipped into hibernation as the close of the old year approaches? Maybe the most exceptional business opportunity in the company’s history is waiting for the year to begin? Not likely.

Business opportunity has no timeline, recognizes no holidays, and has no year-end obligations. It is like the jet stream or an ocean current, moving and shifting continuously, speeding up, slowing down, responding to a trillion variables. It rewards those businesses who stay client aware, client engaged and seize every opportunity to add value. It leaves behind those who are preoccupied with other things, satisfied with the status quo, or simply don’t care to look.

Business opportunity is something that successful businesses aggressively seek out and own. They have the cultural drive, the courage and the commitment to recognize and embrace opportunity where they find it. Their commitment to delivering client value demands that all energy and attention be focused on expanding current business and securing new business every single day. It becomes their competitive advantage.

The holidays are meant for family, friends and fun. Business, however, carries on. So, take the time during this holiday season to pick up the phone and make that client call. Talk about your business with them, whether current or future. Talk about next steps, talk about the new year, say “thank you”.

Support your client business relationship with continuous communication. Let your voice be heard when the holiday season provides competition with an excuse to be silent. Energize your business opportunity going into the new year through dialog with your clients today and lay the foundation for a successful new year. The end of 2019 is already in sight.