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Case Study


A Leading University in New Zealand

Project at a Glance

In order to provide world class facilities to its students, this leading University decided to expand its existing campus by constructing several new campus buildings. Construction was spread over three years and encompassed many different project activities, multiple vendors and a considerable commitment of capital. To support the project, the University decided to implement PeopleSoft Project Costing Module.


The University’s back-office was managed by PeopleSoft Financials and PeopleSoft Human Resources. However, individual construction projects were monitored and managed manually on excel spread sheets. This resulted in multiple challenges across finance and project teams including:

  • Lack of automated mechanism to monitor project progress.
  • Manual process for Actual Vs Forecast budget reporting.
  • Inaccurate and delayed project reporting.
  • Inability to accurately capitalize assets against the project cost. Given these issues, the University decided to explore solutions to automate and integrate the project monitoring process.


After in-depth evaluation of various project monitoring solutions, the University decided to implement the PeopleSoft Project Costing Module which met all of the critical business requirements and integrated with their existing IT eco-system.


The University had already awarded the construction work and many activities were already in progress. The University decided to limit project implementation scope to the construction projects in phase-1 with a timeline of 8 weeks established for the module implementation, data migration and user training. The 1218 team of PeopleSoft professionals went to work to develop, organize, and execute a meticulous approach to the module implementation which was completed within the time requirement and satisfied the needs of our client.