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SuccessConnect 18: Innovation and Solution Management with SuccessFactors

Innovation Denis Tournesac, Senior Vice-President, Global Head of General Business and Tak Kusano, Vice President, SuccessFactors presented how SAP is out-innovating the competition. Their focus is on Product and Engineering, Innovation and Extensibility through SAP’s partners and creating the foundation, best practices, and processes, to ensure SAP leverages their vibrant eco-system of great solutions.

Welcome to SAP SuccessConnect 2018: Insights from Las Vegas

SAP SuccessConnect 2018 got underway in Las Vegas this week with over 4,000 customers and 864 Partners in attendance, plus more than 4,000 people attending virtually. Greg Tomb, President SAP SuccessFactors opened the convention with insights into the market and how business is evolving. Stating early in his address, Greg noted “Customers have choice. If […]

Employee Central Payroll: Making the Case for Multi-Country Implementors vs Local Payroll Vendors

This article explores the advantages of Employee Central Payroll (ECP) implementations utilizing proven Multi-Country service providers to enhance the employee experience and fully capitalize on Client HR investment. 1218 Global HR Solutions professionals have extensive Client-side work experience and multi-country expertise. This enables a better understanding of Client operational requirements and helps identify what features […]

Insights into Oracle ERP Cloud Implementations and Support: Part 2

An Interview with Ravinder Kulsari, Director, 1218 Global-APAC This is the second in a two-part series of interviews with Ravinder Kulsari, Director, 1218 Global-APAC. The series provides insights into the new role of the ERP Consulting Partner in the Cloud Era and how ERP Consulting Partners such as 1218 Global help Clients transition their business from traditional on-premise […]

Creative Evolution

No company survives without predicting, adapting to, or innovating change. Stasis is fatal. The world culture itself is suffused with technological enhancements to how work is done. Dramatic changes made to machines, to software, to the manner of communication that dominates and who dominates it; to the materials that are purchased and resources required, to […]