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Case Study


A Leading Qatar-based University

Project at a Glance

This case study summarizes the challenges, project learning and benefits of implementing various PeopleSoft campus solutions components for a unique academic cycle. The PeopleSoft Campus Solution Module had been in use by the University for 10 years. University management decided to configure a new term for employees of their large energy and industry sector. The new term had multiple intakes throughout the year. Financial requirements were also very complex from the existing terms. The University wanted to deliver these complex requirements using only PeopleSoft functionalities.


The University already had a large in-house PeopleSoft team in place. Initially, they attempted to build relations between different PeopleSoft campus components which resulted in problems across in-house PeopleSoft teams:

  • Inability to handle multiple intakes in different phases throughout a year in different cohort groups.
  • Avoid strenuous configuration of different term for each phase of a student.
  • Unable to handle landmark dates for each student such as enroll, cancel and drop by using traditional academic calendar.
  • Inability to address the various fees criteria for calculating charges to students.

Ultimately, the University team was not able to attain this complex academic structure in PeopleSoft. The University decided to add 1218’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions expertise for completing the implementation of this complex requirement.


After in-depth evaluation of the various business requirements, the University decided to engage 1218’s PeopleSoft professionals to evaluate their complex academic cycle and make it functional by doing away with legacy customizations and replacing them with delivered functionality. The University also decided on an aggressive project timeline of just 8 weeks for the requirement gathering, evaluation, configuration, development, and users’ training. The project was successfully executed with a meticulous approach to time constraints and budget requirements.