Business Opportunity Has No Year-End

The end of the year brings with it a sense of accomplishment for all that was achieved in 2018.  The accountants scramble to finalize the numbers and everyone looks forward to the start of a new year. After all, 2019 brings with it the promise of continuing growth, expanded market share, improved profit, and the next big business opportunity.

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EC Payroll, Don’t Overcomplicate It!

Jeroen Wielens
Global Delivery Director
SAP SuccessFactors at 1218 Global HR Solutions

EC Payroll is one of the most discussed and misunderstood modules in the SAP SuccessFactors space. I’ve seen multiple articles on Twitter and LinkedIn over the last few weeks that are about EC  Payroll SOW’s, who’s including what, glaring misses and what vendor is better than others. I even tried to listen to a podcast by a bunch of EC consultants that I had the pleasure to work with before, talking about organizing Payroll Palooza. It is a scary thought for a payroll guy to hear HR guys wanting to make payroll like a rock concert.

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Salesforce Mobile Architecture: Exam Afterthoughts & Tips by Amnon Kruvi

Amnon Kruvi, Salesforce Solutions Architect
1218 Global – EMEA

I took a leap of faith and dove into the world of mobile applications on the Salesforce platform. After passing the Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer exam, I wanted to share some thoughts (and tips).

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