Creative Evolution

No company survives without predicting, adapting to, or innovating change. Stasis is fatal.

The world culture itself is suffused with technological enhancements to how work is done. Dramatic changes made to machines, to software, to the manner of communication that dominates and who dominates it; to the materials that are purchased and resources required, to the software and systems that must be built, bought, licensed and deployed – all these changes must be managed, anticipated and absorbed.

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How to Make a Killer LinkedIn Profile

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, you need to consider your audience. The typical recruiter looks at your profile and knows whether or not you are the right candidate in the first 5-10 seconds. So, naturally, it makes sense that your profile should wow a recruiter right off the bat. But how do you do that? We went to our resident LinkedIn and recruiting expert, Director of Recruiting and Resource Management, Kelly Hooten, to get to the bottom of that exact question.

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