1218 Leadership Team

Operating from three continents, 1218 Global provides strategic guidance, leads with vision, and invests capital to ensure that the 1218 group of companies deliver expert professional services to a diverse clientele.

Our promise is to deliver the transformational power of technology on the right platform, to meet the needs of the business with discipline, methodology, innovation, and expertise.

<a href="./kim-wells-chief-operating-officer/">Kim Wells</a>

Kim Wells

Chief Operating Officer
<a href="./roger-hooten-cpa-chief-financial-officer/">Roger Hooten</a>

Roger Hooten

Chief Financial Officer
<a href="./yuri-zygala-1218-inc-chief-technology-officer/">Yuri Zygala</a>

Yuri Zygala

Chief Technology Officer
<a href="./mark-crist-chief-delivery-officer/">Mark Crist</a>

Mark Crist

Chief Delivery Officer
<a href="./rob-acuna-chief-strategy-officer/">Rob Acuna</a>

Rob Acuna

Chief Strategy Officer
<a href="./patricia-hanson-1218-chief-marketing-officer/">Patti Hanson</a>

Patti Hanson

Chief Marketing Officer
<a href="./vince-blockley-director-emea-1218-uk/">Vince Blockley</a>

Vince Blockley

Director, EMEA
1218 UK Limited
<a href="./ravinder-kulsari-director-apac-1218-india-private-limited/">Ravinder Kulsari</a>

Ravinder Kulsari

Director, APAC
1218 India Private Limited